Turbellarian taxonomic database

Paraphanostoma dubium Notes

Geographic distribution: European Coast from Iceland to Skagerak, Adriatic, clay 30-700 meters.

Westblad E 1942 (citation)- description and illustration- subtidal.  description p 46, illustration
	figure 0, 11, 27 Plate III 16-17.
Westblad E 1945 (citation)- mentions in comparison with gracilis.
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- illustration of copulatory organs p 36 also p 38.

Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- lists.
Karling TG 1966 (citation)- on cleptocnids in.
Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation)- Swedish Museum of Natural History, figure of reproductive
	organ p 182, figure 18.

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

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