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Geoplana marrineri Notes

Dendy 1910 (citation)- p. 100, In my article “On Land Planarians from Auckland and Enderby Islands,” in the “Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand” (Wellington, N.Z., 1909), I have described a new species from Auckland Island under the name Geoplana aucklandica, having overlooked the fact that I had myself eight years previously given this name to a totally different species from a widely separated locality—viz., Auckland, in the North Island of New Zealand.

I now desire to rectify this error by proposing a new specific name for the subantarctic form from Auckland Island, and I suggest that it be called Geoplana marrineri, in acknowledgment of the services rendered to the study of zoology in New Zealand by my late friend and assistant, George R. Marriner.'

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