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Suomina turgida Notes

Zacharias O 1902 (citation)- description and illustration (Marcus E 1945 (citation) for synonomy) as 
	Stenostomum turgida.
Graff L v 1909 (citation)- description and illustration anterior end, p 66, as Fuhrmannia turgida Graff.
	From sphagnum in Germany.

Luther A 1918 (citation)- records from Finland.
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- reports it occurs in lakes of Finland, Poland and Germany and in damp leaves near
	Sao Paulo, has true rhabdites, see p 5, 10, 79, 87.
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- description, synonyms, illustration, described as Stenostomum, also as 
	Lophorhynchus, etc.

Luther A 1960 (citation)- illustration and description, found only over 50 years before.
Rixen J-U 1961 (citation)- distribution , old report.
Kolasa J 1971 (citation)- reports in Poland
Kolasa J 1982 (citation)-ecology of interstitial form.
Kolasa J, Strayer D, Bannon-O'Donnell E 1987 (citation)- report in New York State.

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

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