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Discoceloidea Cryptocelididae Notes

Faubel's 1983 (citation) Cryptocelidae (Cryptocelididae) has been rejected by Dittmann et al. (2019) (citation) in favor of Prudhoe's (1985) (citation) Cryptocelididae. We have set the family according to Prudhoe, including the subfamilies Cryptocelidinae and Taenioplaninae, but remain uncertain of what to do with genera Hylocelis, Macginitiella, and Notoplanella, which Faubel added to his Cryptocelidae but which Prudhoe had classified in the non-monophyletic Leptoplanidae, so we have marked them 'insertae sedis'. We assume that the more recently added Multisepta (M. fengari) and Adenodactyloplana (A. uruguayensis) should also remain in the family, though no phylogenomic studies have covered them.

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