Turbellarian taxonomic database

Catenulidae Africatenula

Young JO 1976 (citation)- description of new genus, and new species Africatenula from 5 fresh water locations
	in Kenya.  Discussion of genus and family relations.  Definition - does not have preoral ring as in
	Suomina and possesses large number of zooids and distinctive granulation not found in Catenula and
	Dasyhormus [see species description].  Long chain of many zooids which are precocious and feed
		1- large number of zooids and great length of chain to 30.5 cm.
		2- ratio of prostomium length to remaining body length in a zooid.
		3- position of statocyst and brain at base of prostomium.
		4- gut extending more than half the length of the post-buccal region.
		5- presence of a ventro and ventro-lateral ciliated groove.
		6- occurence of "granules particularly in prostomial region [Bush: What are granules ? he
				doesn't conclude?]