Turbellarian taxonomic database

Stenostomidae Stenostomum

Schmidt O 1848 (citation)-
Diesing KM 1862 (citation)- definition of genus p 238.
Graff L v 1882 (citation)- definition and discription, key p 254:
    Stenostoma Leninae mihi - was Catenula, etc.
    Stenostoma gracile mihi - was Anortha graciles Leidy, etc.
    Stenostoma quaternum mihi - was Catenula 
    Stenostoma colubei Leydig
    Stenostoma binum mihi -was Catenula
    Stenostoma Sieboldi  Graff 1878- brief description and illustration
    Stenostoma unicolor  O. Schmidt 1948
    Stenostoma ignavum Vejd 1879
    Stenostoma fasciatum Vejd 1879
    Stenostoma leucops O. Schmidt  - long description and illustration

Braun M 1885 (citation)- p 140 definition.
Silliman WA 1885 (citation)- gives definition.
Sekera E 1889 (citation)- definition p 364, and lists species.
Fuhrmann O 1894 (citation)- places in Family Microstomidae, gives definition.
Wilhelmi J 1906 (citation)- compares excretory organs p 25. 
Luther A 1907 (citation)- definition "without a preoral ciliated groove but with ciliated pits, without a 
	statocyst, with eyes."

Graff L v 1909 (citation)- definition and key to species.
Graff L v 1913 (citation)- p 28 lists Weldonia parayguensis as synonym of Stenostomum bicaudatum.  
	Martin CH 1908 (citation)'s Weldonia = Stenostomum.
Wilhelmi J 1913 (citation)- on sense organs p 36, mentions p 48, 66, 82, 94, 118, lists p 11.
Jones ER Jr 1932 (citation)- several species of Stenostomum compaired and a "sort of" key.
Kepner WA, Carter JS, Hes M 1933 (citation)- say first species described for this genus by Duges A 1928 (citation)
    as Derostoma leucops.

Nuttycombe JW, Waters AJ 1935 (citation)- on feeding habits, three type of feeding pharynx.
Nuttycombe JW, Waters AJ 1938 (citation)- on the American species of Stenostomum, definition, etc.
Ruebush TK 1941 (citation)-  in key to genera.
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- discussion of genus and species to be included.  Gives key to species he
	considers valid and notes on others, includes species not found in Brazil.  Also, notes
	Graff L v 1913 (citation)- p 28, describes Weldonia parayguensis Martin 1905 = to Stenostomum biaculatum,
	as well move by Luther A 1907 (citation) to Stenostomum parayguensis.  Covers synonomy.
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- more on this genus in his complete and detailed discussion of the 
	Catenulids- histology, physiology, behavior, etc.  Some taxonomy.
Correa DD 1949 (citation)- mentions digestion in p 187, 189.
Marcus E 1950 (citation)- mentions p 23, 113.
Hyman LH 1951 (citation)- vol 2, p 137 notes this is one of most common fresh water invertebrates, notes they
	flame bulbs; p 138 on sexual reproduction- protandrous, no one has induced sexuality in laboratory, etc;
	hypodermic impregnation in fertilized egg, released by ruptures and female dies; p 31 figure of 
	asexual reproduction (after Child), asexual reproduction in male phase but not in female, etc.;
	p 182 ready regeneration in discussion and description many experiments on, also figure 73 A;
	p 194 may have holotrichous ciliates of mostly free living genera may occur in Stenostomum; p 201 role
	of ciliated pits in feeding; p 205 intracellular or extracellular digestion?; p 208 on excretion of dyes
	thru protonephridia; p 209 degeneration of flame bulbs results in edema, etc.; p 219 on learning in;
	p 91 and 97 on sense organs in, especially bowl shaped bodies as receptors (for light??), illustration
	p 96 one on each side by pharynx; p 109 on excretory system, flame bulbs are present?; p 130 illustration
	of hypodermic impregnation in, illustration of sagittal section through the male system.

Luther A 1960 (citation)- comments on difficulties in the genus- gives key to Finnish species and description
	of these, etc.

Rixen J-U 1961 (citation)- brief comment.	
Steinbock O 1966 (citation)- mentions p 81.	     
Beklemischev VN 1969 (citation)- Vol II, illustration of pharynx in p 190.        
Moraczewski J, Czubaj A, Bakowska J 1977 (citation)- neurosecretory cells- ultrastructure in a species of this
Moraczewski J, Czubaj A, Kwiatkowska J 1977 (citation)- neurosecretory cells and brain structure in a species
	of this genus.

Rogozin AG 1994 (citation)- "Key to freshwater invertebrates of Russia and adjacent lands."  Taxa included
      Bothromesostoma Braun 1885
      Castrada Schmidt 1862 
      Castrella Fuhrmann 1900  
      Catenulida Meixner 1924  
      Dalyellia Flemming 1822  
      Gieysztoria Ruebush & Hayes 1939  
      Macrostomida Karling 1940  
      Macrostomum Schmidt 1848 
      Mesostoma Ehrenberg 1837 
      Microdalyellia Gieysztor 1938  
      Microstomum Schmidt 1848 
      Olisthanella Voigt 1892 
      Opistomum Schmidt 1848  
      Phaenocora Ehrenberg 1835  
      Prorhynchidae Hallez 1894  
      Stenostomidae Vejdovsky 1880  
      Stenostomum Schmidt 1848 
      Strongylostoma Orsted 1843  

Child CM 1901 (citation)- Studies on Regulation......
Child CM 1901 (citation)- Studies on Regulation......
Child CM 1902 (citation)- Studies on Regulation......
Child CM 1902 (citation)- Studies on Regulation......
Child CM 1903 (citation)- Studies on Regulation......
Child CM 1903 (citation)- Studies on Regulation......
Child CM 1903 (citation)- Studies on Regulation......

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