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Aphanostoma griseum Notes

Oersted AS 1845 (citation)-	
Diesing KM 1862 (citation)- describes and references.
Jensen OS 1878 (citation)- lists this species as synonym in part of his new species 
	Aphanostoma rhomboides.
Marcus E 1948 (citation)- says this  one of original species of Aphanostoma but cannot be recognized
	p 112, 187.

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

Notes for Aphanostoma rhomboides

Jensen OS 1878 (citation)- describes new species, definition in Latin p 23-24.  Lists
	Aphanostoma griseum as synonum- Plate I- figures 1-3.

Graff L v 1882 (citation)- illustration and description.
Bohmig L 1895 (citation)- in list p 44.
Attems CG 1897 (citation)- noted vacuolation at posterior end- are they osmoregulatory?  
	Iuustration otolith and epithelium.  From Helgoland.  brief note.
Graff L v 1902 (citation)- description of this species - occurs in Puerto Rico, synonym 
	are Aphanostoma elegans and Mecynostomum agile.  Occurence in Bergen.
Graff L v 1904 (citation)- illustration and long descripbiton of Aphanostoma rhomboides.
Lohner L 1911 (citation)- on vacuole in this species.
Wilhelmi J 1913 (citation)- mentions p 95.
Steinbock O 1931 (citation)- from Faroes.
Steinbock O 1933 (citation)- lists from Arctic- gives list of synonums- see these.
Southern R 1936 (citation)- reports in Ireland.
Steinbock O 1938 (citation)- reports from Iceland.
Westblad E 1945 (citation)- notes Proporus cyclops is synonym of this.
Westblad E 1946 (citation)- brief describption- illustration.  "S" shaped copulatory organ.
	Note it is a littoral species.
Marcus E 1948 (citation)- this = Mecynostomum agile p 112, 187- species by Graff is not
	species by Jensen.  says Mecynostomum agile Jensen = Mecynostomum agile Westblad;
	Aphanostoma rhomboides Graff does not = Aphanostoma rhomboides Jensen; and
	Aphanostoma rhomboides Jensen = Convoluta. 
Marcus EDB-R 1948 (citation)- p 12 this = Mecynostomum agile.
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- moved to Mecynostomum, p 74.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- p 85 lists in this genus but on p 157 under Mechynostomum.
Antonius A 1968 (citation)- p 370, notes on Westblad's treatment of this species.

Tyler S 1976 (citation)- adhesive papillae in.

Notes for Aphanostoma rhomboides

Steinbock O 1931 (citation)- Notes on p 3 that Proporus cyclops O. Schmidt is "probably identical with
Aphanostoma rhomboides.

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