Turbellarian taxonomic database

Stenostomum fasciatum

Vejdovsky F 1880 (citation)-
Graff L v 1882 (citation)- brief note on.
Vejdovsky F 1882 (citation)- description as Stenostomum fasciatum, p 57, Taf V (18-20), VI (8-13).  
Sekera E 1888 (citation) and/or (citation)- lists.
Sekera E 1906 (citation)- on reproductive organs.
Luther A 1907 (citation)- discusses characters of.
Graff L v 1909 (citation)- brief description and illustration from Germany.
Nasonov NV 1924 (citation)- note on in Crimea, figure 1 and plate of birefringent body.
Gieysztor M 1931 (citation)- on distribution p 148-9.
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- notes this resembles S. tauricum.