Turbellarian taxonomic database

Stenostomum grande

Child CM 1902 (citation)- 
Graff L v 1910 (citation)- description of species.  Lists from United States.
Graff L v 1911 (citation)-  Reports Child found at Chicago, he found in Rochester, New York, United States  
	and at Falmouth.

Nasonov NV 1925 (citation)- note on Kola penninsula.
Nasonov NV 1926 (citation)- a species very similar to American species by Graff, he notes in Lennigrad.
Kepner WA, Carter JS 1931 (citation)-
Steinbock O 1932 (citation)- reports from Arctic.	
Kepner WA, Carter JS, Hess M 1933 (citation)- observations on life history, etc.
Nuttycombe JW, Waters AJ 1935 (citation)- on feeding habits.
Nuttycombe JW, Waters AJ 1935 (citation)- pharynx and feeding in.
Ferguson FF, Stirewalt MA, Brown TD, Hayes WJ 1939 (citation)- Report from Mountain Lake Biological Station,
 	Southwestern Virginia, USA.	

Kepner WA, Ferguson FF, Stirewalt MA 1941 (citation)- brief comment on hypodermic impregnation in.
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- illustration and description, synonym and distribution, found in Brazil.
	p 94, brief description and figure 59.  gives Stenostomum oesophagum as a synonym of S. grande.

Marcus E 1945 (citation)- says "forma megista (new form) (fig 59), is distinguished from the typical
	form by a different pattern of the ventral rhabdites, by its greater diameter, by the 
	white colour of the pharynx, and the curved terminal cells of the ascnding protonephridial
	tube."  10 mm long, etc. details- many refernces (= oesophagum ?) also forms megista and typica.
	- again mentions in connection with Stenostomum grande, p 45.	
Marcus E 1946 (citation)- p 71 mentions form megista.
Marcus E 1949 (citation)- p 15 mentions form megista, also p 64.	
Hyman LH 1951 (citation)- vol 2, p 195 	Nuttycombe JW, Waters AJ 1938 (citation) had a male of this species
	that reproduced continuously by fission for 4 years.
Mead AP, Kolasa J 1984 (citation)- record from Nigeria.	
Kolasa J, Strayer D, Bannon-O'Donnell E 1987 (citation)- reported in New York State streams.	

Silveira M 1995 (citation)- "The protonephridium of catenulids re-evaluated--an ultrastructural study on
Stenostomum grande".  

Antoniazzi MM, Silveira M 1995 (citation)- "Studies on Stenostomum grande Child, 1902 (Platyhelminthes,
Catenulida): fine structure of the digestive tract and the endocytotic activity of the gastrodermis."

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