Turbellarian taxonomic database

Stenostomidae Myostenostomum Notes

Luther A 1960 (citation)- describes new genus with a muscular part of gut, type species is M. bulbocaudatum.
Rieger RM 1968 (citation)- mentions p 18.

Rogozin AG 1992 (citation)- "A short revision of Myostenostomum (Turbellaria Catenulida)."  Species covered in
the revision include:
   Myostenostomum ilmenicum Rogosin 1992  
   Myostenostomum lutheri Rogosin 1992 
   Myostenostomum marcusi Rogosin 1992 
   Myostenostomum tauricum Nasonov 1923  
   Myostenostomum vanderlandi Rogosin 1992  
   Stenostomum tauricum (Nuttycombe and Waters 1938)
   Myostenostomum gigerium (Kepner and Carter 1931) 

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