Turbellarian taxonomic database

Stenostomidae Rhynchoscolex

Leidy J 1851 (citation)-
Diesing KM 1862 (citation)- list p 244-5 definition of genus.
Sekera E 1889 (citation)- definition p 319, and in abstract in German.
Luther A 1907 (citation)- definition without a preoral ciliated groove, with shallow ciliated pits, without a
	statocyst, with "rudimentary eyes and a proboscis-like muscular adhesive apparatus'"  [Bush notes that
	quotes probably from Leidy].

Graff L v 1909 (citation)- definition of genus.
Wilhelmi J 1913 (citation)- lists p 11.
Meixner J 1924 (citation)-
Reisinger E 1924 (citation)- p 35 Rhynchoscolex Leidy definition.
Ruebush TK 1941 (citation)- in key.
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- definition of genus and key to species.
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- many references to details of this genus on physiology, history, etc.
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- p 64 says "Luthers larvae" may be young of Rhynchoscolex.
Marcus E 1951 (citation)- obligatory parthenogenesis in p 18, 111.
Hyman LH 1951 (citation)- vol 2, p 77 notes epithelium with muscle fibers in it; p 85 note on nervous system,
	also on p 134; p 89 notes ciliated pits in; p 133 illustration of a Rhynchoscolex (after 
	Reisinger E 1924 (citation))
Rixen J-U 1961 (citation)- gives key to species to include his new species remanei.
Steinbock O 1966 (citation)- mentions p 106.
Beklemischev VN 1969 (citation)- Vol II, notes weak musculature of the relatively large body size, p 266.
Karling TG 1974 (citation)- mentions p 71
Rieger RM 1981 (citation)- electron microscopy work on p 216.