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Rhynchoscolex simplex Notes

Leidy J 1851 (citation)-
Leydig F 1854 (citation)- description of new species, p 254-5, illustration figure 1 (Stenostomum colubei).
Diesing KM 1862 (citation)- p 245 definition and reference.  p 237 lists Stenostomum colubei as 
	synonym of his Anotocelis colubei.
Graff L v 1882 (citation)- lists as species dubia.  breif note p 256.
Sekera E 1889 (citation)- reports in New York State, USA.  lists genus Stenostomum as Leydig F 1854 (citation).
Graff L v 1909 (citation)- brief description from Germany, illustration.
Graff L v 1910 (citation)- lists as from USA.
Graff L v 1911 (citation)- says Leidy's description is not different from the European Rhynchoscolex
	but see  Graff L v 1910 (citation).  Identified one specimen as this species from Falmouth.

Beklemischev VN 1923 (citation)- says this = Rhynchoscolex species of Plotnikov 1906- description 
	and illustration.

Nasonov NV 1925 (citation)- note on Kola penninsula.
Nasonov NV 1926 (citation)- note on in Leningrad.	
Steinbock O 1932 (citation)- reports from Arctic.
Bresslau E 1933 (citation)- p 219, figure 227- chain of zooids and detail of anterior end of larvae showing
	a statocyst.  Adults look like fine yellowish threads, 5-7 mm long, in mud and plant detritus in
	standing or flowing water in Europe and North America.  Also, figure 25, outline of animal.

An der Lan H 1936 (citation)- mentions.
Ferguson FF, Stirewalt MA, Brown TD, Hayes WJ 1939 (citation)- report from Mountain Lake Biological Station, 
	Southwestern Virginia, USA.	

Gieysztor M, Szynal E 1939 (citation)- from Spain p 268.	
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- says distribution in Brazil, central USA, and eastern Europe.  Also detailed 
	comments on in many places (histology, behavior, etc.).	

Marcus E 1945 (citation)- illustration and description, complete synonomy, etc. from Brazil.  Include larval
	form in his key.  Also remarks on a variety, Rhynchoscolex simplex plotnikov - in key also
	? in this variety according to Beklemischev VN 1924 (citation).  Gives Stenostomum colubei as synonym
	of Rhynchoscolex simplex.

Westblad E 1948 (citation)- p 64 notes young of this animal many be "Luther's larvae".  Has a statocyst which
	is lost in adult?
Hyman LH 1951 (citation)- vol 2, p 111 notes Reisinger found no males therefore permanent parthenogenesis?	
Luther A 1960 (citation)- gives complete [?] synonomy, description and illustration, etc.
Rixen J-U 1961 (citation)- distribution and note on, has statocyst, in key p 471.
Ax P 1961 (citation)- notes gut cells are a syncytium, etc.
Ax P 1963 (citation)- notes syncytial intestine.
Steinbock O 1966 (citation)- mentions p 126.
Kolasa J 1982 (citation)- on ecology and environment of interstitial forms, list p 407.
Kolasa J, Strayer D, Bannon-O'Donnell E 1987 (citation)- report in New York State.

Ehlers U 1994 (citation)- "On the ultrastructure of the protonephridium of Rhynchoscolex simplex and the basic
systematization of the Catenulida (Plathelminthes)."

Ehlers U 1992 (citation)- "No mitosis of differentiated epidermal cells in the Plathelminthes: mitosis of
intraepidermal stem cells in Rhynchoscolex simplex Leidy, 1851 (Catenulida)." 

Notes from synonyms

Notes for Rhynchoscolex vejdovskyi

Sekera 1889 (citation)- description of new species p 324-327, Plate II, figures 12-16.
Graff L v 1903 (citation)- lists as parasite on outsid of Lumbricatus variegatus (Mull).
Graff L v 1909 (citation)- brief description and illustration from Switzerland and Germany.
Graff L v 1911 (citation)- says Leidy's R. simplex = this species.
Wilhelmi J 1913 (citation)- outline with muscles, illustration p 23.
Marcus E 1945 (citation)- lists as synonym of R. simplex Leidy.
Luther A 1960 (citation)- lists as synonym of R. simplex Leidy.

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