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Catenulida Tyrrheniellidae Notes

Riedl RJ 1959 (citation)- p 199 diagnosis "Catenulida (sensu Marcus 1944, p 6) with a preoral, compact,
	egg shaped brain, with paired, clearly delineated anterior, ventral and posterior lobes.  Excretory
	organs lacking.  Gonads joined into a common gland, with a large preoral sperm pit, which opens
	dorso-rostrally and is elongated caudal under the brain."  Tyrrheniella sigillata only species, type.
	[Bush also notes]: 
	Gut- primitive for Catenulida- more like Rhynchoscolex or Acoela, etc. and preoral gut sac.
	Pharynx- large, glandular, ? from pharynx simplex to pharynx variables (not plicatus).
	Brain- p 193-4 large in, sense organs as in Catenulids, paired pigmented eyes, cup organ.
		Cup organ lying next to ventral lobes, sensory plates (2-4) secretory?  and statocyst.
		sense organ like some of Catenulida- brain makes it near Stenostomidae.
	Zwitherdrize- combined gland for both eggs and sperm [male female hermaphroditic keinlay?]- eggs
		in narrow dorsal parts, sperm in ventral part- this is very primitive for Catenulida.
		Sulcus terminalis- what is it? excretory, ciliated pit, seminal vesicle?  refers to 
		Marcus 1945.  decides it functions as sperm duct, false seminal vesicle and seminal
		vesicle?? - a preoral sperm pit.	
Young JO 1978 (citation)- notes Tyrrheniella sigillata is marine, p 189.	

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