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Macrostomidae Macrostomum Notes

Klauser MD, Smith JPS, Tyler S 1986 (citation)- Ultrastructure of frontal organ in Convolua 'pulchra',
Macrostomum hystricinum marinum, Macrostomum sp III.

Rogozin AG 1994 (citation)- "Key to freshwater invertebrates of Russia and adjacent lands."  Taxa included
      Bothromesostoma Braun 1885
      Castrada Schmidt 1862 
      Castrella Fuhrmann 1900  
      Catenulida Meixner 1924  
      Dalyellia Flemming 1822  
      Gieysztoria Ruebush & Hayes 1939  
      Macrostomida Karling 1940  
      Macrostomum Schmidt 1848 
      Mesostoma Ehrenberg 1837 
      Microdalyellia Gieysztor 1938  
      Microstomum Schmidt 1848 
      Olisthanella Voigt 1892 
      Opistomum Schmidt 1848  
      Phaenocora Ehrenberg 1835  
      Prorhynchidae Hallez 1894  
      Stenostomidae Vejdovsky 1880  
      Stenostomum Schmidt 1848 
      Strongylostoma Orsted 1843  

Notes from synonyms

Notes for Macrostomidae Macrostoma

Von Graff (1905) states on page 109 that according to Agassiz the genus Macrostoma was already given to a fish genus by Risso 1826.

Notes for Macrostomidae Axia

From Schärer et al. 2011 (citation): "Papi (citation), based on a detailed study of the female antrum, moved Macrostomum gieysztori to the genus Promacrostomum, which is characterized by two female genital openings (citation). Finally, Ferguson (citation) moved the species to the new genus, Axia, to distinguish it from Promacrostomum paradoxum An-der-Lan 1939 (citation), which has a connection between the female antrum and the gut, a feature that is absent in this species. Given that our specimen clusters well within the genus Macrostomum, we suggest that the old name Macrostomum gieysztori be reinstated. Moreover, we note that the genus name Axia has been occupied by a genus of Lepidoptera since 1821 (citation).

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