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Archaphanostoma agile Notes

[note this was in Mecynostomum, also in Baltalimania]

Jensen OS 1878 (citation)- definition in Latin p 31 and description p 31, illustration Plate I,
	figs 22-24.
Graff L v 1882 (citation)- brief description.
Graff L v 1902 (citation)- says this identical to Aphanostoma [=Mecynostoma] rhomboides.
Graff L v 1904 (citation)- comments on.
Steinbock O 1931 (citation)- from Faroes he thinks is this species- says Attems CG 1897 (citation) and 
	Graff L v 1903 (citation) says is same as Aphanostoma rhomboides.
Westblad E [??]- lists this from Norway on algae, mud, shell, sand and very common in tide 
	pools- occurence as North Atlantic from Greenland and Barents Sea along the Scandanavian West
	Coast (very common) and to the English Channel and Adrea (Roviny).
Westblad E 1948 (citation)-	penis inverts on use - has secretion cap p 8, compares epidermis of M.
	bathycola with - are similar, p 10.  p 11 on color of food in.  p 12 cellualr epithelium in.  
	p 15 many rhabdites in.  p 40 on penis in.  p 49 a bursa but no vagina or female ducts. 
	p 57 in key and a well developed penis.
Marcus E 1950 (citation)- p 12 (=Aphanostoma rhomboides)
Marcus E 1951 (citation)- mentions p 7.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- p 66 mentions in discussion of systematics.
Ax P 1959 (citation)- places in his new genus Baltalimania, also p 60. 
Ax P 1963 (citation)- lists as Baltalimania (Mecynostomum0 agile.  Notes cellular epidermis.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- makes this type of his new genus p 90- brief description and good
	illustration p 157-160.
Ax P, Apelt G 1967 (citation)- Habitat, structure anatomy, reproduction, egg laying, embryology.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- on ecology of in Germany p 99, 94, 87.  p 82 says Haplodiscus agilis
	is identical to this.
Ax P 1969 (citation)- reports culture of - illustration of live animals- diagram this p 90-92,
	life cycle etc. p 99.  Eggs of- photo p 108.
Ax P, Apelt G 1969 (citation)- Habitat, structure anatomy, reproduction, egg laying, embryology.
Ax P, Apelt G 1970 (citation)- Habitat, structure anatomy, reproduction, egg laying, embryology.
Ax P, Apelt G 1971 (citation)- embryology.
Mack-Fira V 1974 (citation)- on occurence in Black Sea and geographic distribution.
Karling TG 1974 (citation)- mentions p 63.
Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation)- Swedish Museum of Natural History.  North Atlantic.
Faubel A 1976 (citation)- mentions life cycle p 329.
Kinne O 1977 (citation)- on cultivation of this species by Apelt 1969 (citation).
Ax P 1977 (citation)- life cycle in p 13.
Faubel A 1977 (citation)- on distribution and ecology- list p 62 in sandy mud, in sand flat p 65.
	p 67-8 in Table 1.
Lauckner G 1980 (citation)- bacteria in culture  on this species- after Apelt 1969 (citation).
Watzin MC 1984 (citation)- p 324 notes number of eggs and development after Apelt 1969 (citation).	

Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation)- p 177, Distribution:  N. Atlantic, N. Sea area, Mediterranean, euryoic, 0-40

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

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