Turbellarian taxonomic database

Myozona evelinae Notes

Marcus E 1949 (citation) pg. 95: 'Myozona evelinae, n. g., n. sp. (Figs. 22-27), from sand of the beah of the
island of São Sebastião, belong to the order Macrostomida.  The testis (te) lies on the left side, the ovary
(o) on the right side of the body.  The growing ovocyte is apposed to the nourishing intestine.  The penis (p)
has no stylet; the female atrium (av) is connected with a seminal bursa into which the oviduct (d) opens.  A
bursa-intestinal pore (g) lets exceeding sperms to pass into the intestine.  This arrangement shows that not
every genito-intestinal communication in Macrostomida is homologous to the nozzle of the bursa of the Acoela
(Convoluta), as An der Lan (1939) supposed, when he found it in Promacrostomum paradoxum.  Between the
anterior (i) and posterior (a) intestine, both either ciliated or without cilia, a cuticularized gizzard (n)
is inserted.  The worms feed on diatoms.'

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