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Inframacrostomum rubrocinctum Notes

Along with the erection of the genus Inframacrostomum, Ferguson (1954) (citation) transferred Macrostomum rubrocinctum Ax, 1951 (citation) to that genus. Subsequently, the erection of the genus Inframacrostomum was rejected by Papi (1959) (citation) and Ax (1959) (citation), and further supported by Schmidt & Sopott-Ehlers (1976) (citation), Faubel et al. (1994) (citation), Schärer et al. (2011) (citation), and Schockaert (citation). Since the name has still sometimes appeared, it was again clarified by Brand et al. (2022) (citation) that Inframacrostomum rubrocinctum is a synonym of Macrostomum rubrocinctum.

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

Notes for Macrostomum rubrocinctum

Ax & Armonies 1987 (citation)- p. 11, "M. rubrocinctum is presumably a backish water species, only found in floating algal mats and in muddy low energy zones."

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