Turbellarian taxonomic database

Convolutidae Brachypea Notes

Antonius A 1968 (citation)-
 	- p 310 defines genus for 1 new species kenoma.  "Bursa with a cuticular
 	nozzle. Genital openings separate, lying ventrally.  Copulatory organ consists of a muscular,
 	tube shaped, small, non-ciliated penis.  No seminal vesicle.  A false seminal vesicle
 	consisting of a secretory and a sperm carrying part, is attached to the proximal end of the
 	penis.  Female antrum ciliated, with paired lateral stimulatory organs.  Vagina unciliated,
 	developed as a very muscular, ? apparatus.  Brain insunken but not differentiated.  Sensory
 	pore at anterior ventral end.  No specially differentiated frontal glands.  With enrolled
 	sides.  With symbiotic algae, rhabdites and pigment eyes."
 	1 species kenoma type.
 	- like Adenopea derives from a Proaphanostoma type form- see diagram figure 80.  Female
 	ciliated antrum.  Male penis tiny ?.  Brain structure primitive?, undifferentiated, ?.
 	Closely related to Convoluta- highly developed nozzle- enrolled sides.

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