Turbellarian taxonomic database

Microstomum lineare Notes

Carranza S, Baguna J, Riutort M 1997 (citation)- Using 18S rDNA sequences to look at the phylogeny of
Platyhelminthes.  Species of Turbellaria used include the following:  Crenobia alpina, Dendrocoelum lacteum,
Monocelis lineata, Archiloa rivularis, Geocentrophora sp., Mesocastrada sp., Nemertinoides elongatus,
Urastoma sp., Macrostomum tuba, Microstomum lineare, Discocelis tigrina, Planocera multitentaculata,
Stenostomum leucops, Convoluta pulchra, Convoluta naikaiensis.  New sequences reported for many of these

Reuter, M, Maule AG, Halton DW, Gustafsson MKS, Shaw C. 1995 (citation)- "The organization of the nervous system
in Plathelminthes. The neuropeptide F-immunoreactive pattern in Catenulida, Macrostomida, Proseriata." 
Species studied:
     Archilopsis unipunctata
     Promonotus schultzei
     Paramonotus hamatus
     Stenostomum leucops
     Microstomum lineare  

Comparisons to other species.

Reuter M, Kuusisto A 1992 (citation)- "Growth factors in asexually reproducing Catenulida and Macrostomida
(Plathelminthes)?"  A confocal, immunocytochemical and experimental study.

Notes from synonyms

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