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Conaperta lineata Notes

Peebles F 1915 (citation)- describes this new species and compares ith Monochoerus illaidatus.
	slightly enrolled? light ? red with 2 reddish eyes- 2 groad white stripes, on dorsal
	surface.  no definite frontal glands- no rhabdites- no symbionts.  follicular testes
	to statocyst.  penis in thick walled sheath [seminal vesicle].  rudimentary canals she
	considers adenodactyls [Bush- no].  bursa without stalk- ? but she finds "canal" goes
	in that direction- bursal wall thin to thick.  ovaries paired- unite at posterior end.
	nozzle opens into parenchyma.

Brauner K 1920 (citation)- says position uncertain.  Description.
Marcus E 1948 (citation)- compares with his C. vexillaria (as Monochoerus) p 116.
Marcus E 1950 (citation)- refers to this but says Monochoerus = Convoluta.
Antonius A 1968 (citation)- moved to genus Conaperta.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- lists.

Apelt G 1969 (citation)- p 268 notes Peebles work on copulation of.
Henley C 1974 (citation)- p 323- refers to Peebles work on copulation of.

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