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Isodiametra norvegica Notes

Westblad E 1946 (citation)- p 47 description and illustration new species described 
	here (1-1.5mm long).
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- on penis in.  p 50-1, gonopore in.
Marcus E 1948 (citation)- lists this as species with penis directed backwards p 117.
Marcus E 1950 (citation)- refers to this species as having large penis p 18, 104.
Marcus E 1953 (citation)- compares his new species C. urua.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- brief description and good illustration - occurence.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- on ecology of in Germany- p 99, p 88.
Antonius A 1968 (citation)- moved to genus Conaperta.
Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation)- Swedish Museum of Natural History.  list from North Sea and Sylt.

Hooge MD, Haye P, Tyler S, Litvaitis MK, Kornfield I  2002 (citation)- Phylogenetic relationships using 18S
rDNA, and morphological characters of sperm and body-wall musculature.

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

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