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Monocelis lineata Notes

Carranza S, Baguna J, Riutort M 1997 (citation)- Using 18S rDNA sequences to look at the phylogeny of
Platyhelminthes.  Species of Turbellaria used include the following:  Crenobia alpina, Dendrocoelum lacteum,
Monocelis lineata, Archiloa rivularis, Geocentrophora sp., Mesocastrada sp., Nemertinoides elongatus,
Urastoma sp., Macrostomum tuba, Microstomum lineare, Discocelis tigrina, Planocera multitentaculata,
Stenostomum leucops, Convoluta pulchra, Convoluta naikaiensis.  New sequences reported for many of these

Litvaitis, MK, Nunn G, Thomas WK, Kocher TD 1994 (citation)- Molecular approach to identification of
turbellarians.  Use of "nucleotide sequence of a portion of the large subunit of the ribosomal RNA (26/28S
rRNA)".  Species used in the analysis were: Pseudomonocelis ophiocephala, Pseudomonocelis cetinae, Monocelis
lineata, Monocelis longiceps, Otoplanid (no described), Microstomum sp, Pseudostomum sp., Convoluta pulchra,
Neochildia fusca, Paratomella rubra.

Boaden PJS 1963 (citation)-p 85, "Although often found in sand interstices M. lineata is not limited to the
interstitial habitat but is commonly found among fucoids on the shore.  Indeed the species was most commonly
found in sand collected in close proximity to beds of Fucus serratus L. and F. vestculosus L.

It was transferred to Monocelis by Ă–rsted, 1844 (citation)

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