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Mesoda gabriellae Notes

Marcus  E 1949 (citation) pg. 100:  'Mesoda (Figs. 65-69) has the vaginal pore very near the male pore, like
Coleophora, Archiloa, and Archilopsis, but the vagina opens independently from the male atrium.  The
body-shape and the  position of the pharynx of M. gabriellae resemble A. rivularis, but the new form is
smaller (up to 1.5 mm) and has a posterior bursa (bursa resorbiens) without open communication with the
intestine.  Besides the peculiar conditions of the epidermic nuclei, depressed in the prae-cerebral region,
normal in the rest of the body, the compact cephalic and caudal intestine (Fig. 66, h, j) and the cirrus are
remarkable sighns of M. gabriellae.  The species is protedrandrous and the ovocytes are inseminated while
still in the ovary (Fig. 66, o).'

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