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Philosyrtis eumeca Notes

Marcus E 1950 (citation) pg. 112:  'Philosyrtis Giard (1904, p. 1065) is a genus of the Otoplanidae (Remane 1926,
p. 690) with a short, collar-shaped, ventrally directed pharynx and a ventral, transverse, not always distinct
furrow that separates the anterior region.  The nuclei are depressed on the ciliated creeping sole, normal on
the rest of the body.  The adhesive papillae are digitiform.  The male organ contains 6 pairs of setae.
As the type, Ph. monotoides, is only little known, this diagnosis refers, with certainty, only to Ph. eumeca,
n. sp. (Fig. 106-110), from sand of the bay of Santos, and to another species described by Meixner in a not
yet published key that we owe to Prof. Remane (Kiel).  Meixner's species differs from eumeca by other penial

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