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Nemertodermatida Nemertodermatidae Notes

Steinbock O 1931 (citation)- Describes Nemertodermatidae as new Family of Acoel from 1 specimen taken in
Bresslau E 1933 (citation)- lists Nemertodermatidae as family under Acoela, p 263.
Westblad E 1937 (citation)- p 45-89 concludes not an Acoela.
Karling TG 1940 (citation)- p 230 a Suborder under Archoophora.(= Nemertodermatidae Steinbock O 1931).
	"Suborder Nemertodermatida, Archoophora with gut and simple mouth opening.  Nervous
	system epithelial.  Statocyst with 2 lithospheres.  Excretory ducts not
	found.  Male genital opening in posterior body with female ducts or accessory organs. 
	Marine."p 223- notes Reisinger E 1935 (citation) p 258 made Notandropora related to 
	Nemertoderma, also p 225, 228.
Westblad E 1948 (citation)]- definition p 66- a Suborder under Archoophora p 60, 63, 66.  Notes 
	Karling placing this in Suborder, he agrees, p 63, discusses Nemertodermatidae as
	related to Acoels and to other Turbellaria- is transitional form, p 66.  Places as
	Order 3 in his list near Acoela and Hofsteniidae.  "Archoophora with true gut and 
	gland cells (granular ??).  Simple ventral mouth opening (pharynx 0).  Frontal glands
	present.  Basal membrane 0.  Nervous system mostly epithelial.  Statocyst with 2 
	statoliths.  Protonephridea 0.  Male genital opening in the posterior end.  Male and
	female ducts 0.  Female accessory organs 0.  Marine.  Genera: Nemertoderma, Meara (concern-
	ing Meara a further study is in process)."[Bush translation]
Westblad E 1954 (citation)- p 5 lists as Suborder under Archoophora as Nemertodermalida Karling 1940 (citation).
Hyman LH 1959 (citation)- p 734 on position and rank.
Beauchamp P de 1961 (citation)- a suborder in  Archoophora.  Genus Nemertoderma and doubtful ?? here
	also Meara (??) and (??enoturbella) Westblad.
Riedl RJ 1960 (citation)- defined as Family Nemertodermatidae "Opisthandropora - Abursalia with
	ventral mouth without a pharynx, with dorsal germinal layer and with many statoliths in
	statocyst".  "The organization of granular cells, nervous system and male apparatus
	(??) better in genus definition.  no diagrams- photos- no summary- 4 varieties- mostly on
	relationship and discussion of vague details of anatomy.  Concludes it is a separate family.
Ax P 1961 (citation)- discussion and separates as Order p. 45,47.  Definition p 47.
Ax P 1963 (citation)- discussion and separates as Order p. 207.  p 200 says this Genus has 
	epithelial nervous system.
Sterrer W 1966 (citation)- lists undescribed species from Bergen, p 436.
Karling TG 1967 (citation)- separate Suborder under Archoophora p 9.  long discussion of 
	Nemertoderma bathycola p 5-8.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- a Family in Order Acoela, definition p 92.  "Acoels with combined male
	and female gonads.  Male pore terminal on posterior end or lacking.  No female
	accessory organs.  Nervouse system intra-epithelial.  Mouth opening ventral without a
	pharynx.  (????) statocyst.  Granular (??) cells."  Type of Family Nemertoderma
	Steinbock O 1930 (citation).  Note 4 fourms in on specimen.  Nemertoderma bathycola.
Karling TG 1974 (citation)- position uncertain.
Tyler S 1976 (citation)- glands in.
Faubel A 1976 (citation)- lists as a Family.
Tyler S 1976 (citation)- Ultrastructure.  glands indicate derived separately, p 70.
Tyler S, Rieger RM 1977 (citation)- a separate Order to Acoela.
Faubel A, Dorjes J 1978 (citation)- list Order and definition, p 8.  Separate Family & Order including
	his genus Flagellophora.

Doe DA 1981 (citation)- pharynx structure.	
Rieger RM 1981 (citation)- Ultrastucture level information.		
Tyler S 1984 (citation)- Order under Subclass Archoophora.

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