Turbellarian taxonomic database

Acoela Antroposthiidae Notes

Faubel A 1976 (citation)- Definition of new family in abstract based on (p 17), also definition
	and discussion of new family- type genus Antroposthia p 21-23:

	1- antrum masculinum adjoins proximally and desicular granulosum.
	2- absense of a penis.
	Included are :  Antroposthia Faubel 1974
					Convoluella Faubel 1974
					Adenopea Antoniums 1968
					Unantra Faubel 1976
	p 21-22 "diagnosis "acoela with a ventral mouth opening.  Outer body wall with outer circular and
		inner longitudinal muscles.  A ciliated male atrium inserted into a penis sheath or sac as 
		a direct inpocketing of the epidermis.  Proximally an unciliated grannular vesicle closes
		it off directly.  A seminal vesicle or false seminal vesicle present.  Male gonopore ventral
		or terminal at posterior end."  These genera have a penis which is evolved from an antrum
		masculinum (= an inpocketing of outer wall at the male pore without change in the epidermis).
		Note penis in Convoluta convoluta is ciliated but secretory, so come really under
		Graff's definition as "ductus ejaculatorus".				

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