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Antroposthiidae Antroposthia Notes

Faubel A 1974 (citation)- definition of new genus p 30, for two species from Sylt. Geographic distribution
	North Sea, Island Sylt.  p 23 definition, p 14-15 new genus with two species:

		 	Antroposthia unipora Faubel 1974 Type
			Antroposthia axi Faubel 1974

Faubel A 1976 (citation)- gives amended diagnosis p 23:
	"Frontal organ present, mouth opening ventral.  Rhabdites in longitudinal rows, outer body
	musculature normal.  Testes paired, ovaries unpaired.  Bursa seminalis with a cellular mouth
	piece, long vagina.  One or two genital openings.  Male antrum very muscular, inserted into a penis
	sheath or sac.  Proximal part developed as a cyanophil granular vesicle.  Terminally a false
	seminal vesicle can be covered by the penis sac epithelium to be converted into a seminal
	vesicle." p 23

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