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Acoela Diopisthoporidae Notes

Westblad E 1940 (citation)- describes new family for his new genus, new species,  Diopisthoporus longitubis,
	subtidal- pharynx a tube at posterior end.  p 24- definition " Order Archoophora Suborder Acoela, with
	male genital opening and outer (secondary) mouth at the posterior end.  A muscular, ciliated pharynx 
	tubiformis (not simplex), an inner (primary) mouth next to a closing muscle.  A compact gonad with
	a common, anterior germinal area (matrix) in which both eggs, ventrocaudally and sperm dorsocaudally,
	are produced.  The gonad posteriorly is divided into 2 well separated parts, a ventral ovary and a
	dorsal testes.  These testes joins the posterior end of a genital canal."
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- p 52, new family under Opisthandropa.  p 56 in key- "mouth caudal.  Pharynx 
	muscular (Ph tubiformis).  A compact, combinde gonad lying in the anterior end".

Beauchamp P de 1961 (citation)- Lists only genus Diopisthoporus Westblad 1940- definition.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- p 92-3 definition of family - 1 genus genus Diopisthoporus Westblad 1940 
	"male gonapore and mouth opening at posterior end.  A muscular ciliated pharynx tube present.
	gonad compact, ovary and testis unpaired."
Crezee M 1975 (citation)- unique pharynx- not like any other p 840.
Doe DA 1981 (citation)- lists as having pharynx simplex not coronatus.	

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