Turbellarian taxonomic database

Diopisthoporidae Diopisthoporus

Westblad E 1940 (citation)- genus with characters of family for his new species Diopisthoporus longitubis,
Hyman LH 1951 (citation)- vol 2, p 128 notes no female reproductive organs.  p 129 note male, female and
	hermaphroditic specimens occuring at same time.  p 132 notes characteristics.

Westblad E 1948 (citation)- lack of rhabdite in p 15.  p 16 serous glands in.  p 18 true pharynx in.  
	p 22, 25- nervouse system in.  p 25- sense cells in.  p 27- gonads in, illustration of p 29.
	p 30- eggs in.  p 33 male reproductive organ p 35.  p 43- female reproductive organs.  
	p 21- statocyst muscles in.

Beklemischev VN 1963 (citation)- mentions mouth at oral pore in p 236- comparable to ? larynx.	
Steinbock O 1967 (citation)- mentions p 406.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- p 92-3 definition of genus. lists 3 species.  key to species given.
	Diopisthoporus longitubis Westblad 1940 type
	Diopisthoporus brachypharyngeus	Dorjes 1968
	Diopisthoporus psammophilus Dorjes 1968 
Crezee M 1975 (citation)- p 840 pharynx not like any other.
Smith JPS 1981 (citation)- mentions Doe has done EM work on a species of this p 264.
Doe DA 1981 (citation)- Electron microscopy work on pharynx of a species in this genus.