Turbellarian taxonomic database

Hallangiidae Hallangia Notes

Westblad E 1946 (citation)- description and definition for his new species proporoides type-  
	Problem of relationship- mouth at anterior end like Proporus but gen. organs like
	Faerlea etc., p 6.
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- mouth in at anterior end- p 18 pharynx.  p 30, on large abortive eggs
	as nourishment for other eggs- nuclei degenerate and they combine with egg- thus a sort of
	germovitllarium.  p 39, illustration of penis, p 40,41 on penis in.  p 42 acessory glands
	of penis ?.  p 52- sets up separate family for this genus.  p 58, in key.  p 60, on eggs
	in- beginnings of follicle or yolk glands?  p 62, on mouth.
Marcus E 1952 (citation)- mentions p 22.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)-  p 94, definition- 1 genus, 1 species- type Hallangia proporoides Westblad 1946.
Doe DA 1981 (citation)- lists as having pharynx simplex (not coronatus).

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