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Prognathorhynchus anophthalmus Notes

from Artois in WoRMS (citation) under Prognathohynchus anophthalmus page: Ax (1951) is the only author that ever mentions the name P. anophthalmus and attributes it to Meixner, as a nomen nudum in Meixner's "Korreckturfahne". This actually refers to the proof of the second part of Turbellaria (Strudelw├╝rmer)' in 'Tierwelt der Nord- und Ostsee'. The first part of this work was published in 1938, but the second part never was. Therefore, we follow Ax (1951) and treat the name as a nomen nudum, attributed to Meixner but without a year. Ax (1951) also indicates that it is probably identical to Uncinorhynchus flavidus.

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

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