Turbellarian taxonomic database

Bitesticulata Paratomellidae Notes

Dorjes J 1966 (citation)- Description of species, genera, and of family.  
	Definition "Germarium [germinal center] diffuse.  Male gonad confined on the sides of the anterior
		third of body.  Developing eggs strewn over dorsal side, reaching to behind the male complex.  				No further organs of the female reproductive system present." p 197.
		"Ovary diffuse.  Male gonad zone limited to both sides of the anterior 2/3 of body.  Egg 
		development scattered over the body, mostly just behind the male complex.  No other female
		organs of reproduction present."
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- p 105 definition of family.  "gonad diffuse- male gonad zone limited to both
	sides of the first third of body.  Egg building areas strewn along the sides of the body reaching
	far behind the male complex.  No other organs present in the female reproductive system."  
	type genus of family Paratomella Dorjes 1966.

Crezee M 1975 (citation)- notes eggs developing from posterior end to anterior, p 839.  dorsal testes
	and ventral ovary but eggs grow over and behind, p 841.

Crezee M 1978 (citation)- says only animals with haptocilia, asexual reproduction.

Smith JPS, Tyler S 1986 (citation)- Significance of frontal organs in Acoelomorpha.  Electron microscopy. 
Ultrastructure and phylogeny discussed. Illustrations and sections.  The following taxa were looked
        Hesiolicium inops
        Paratomella sp.
        Diopisthoporus 'gymnopharyngeus'
        Otocelis sp.
        Paedomecynostomum sp.
        Convoluta 'pulchra'
        Solenofilomorpha funilis
      Flagellophora cf apelti

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