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Mecynostomum auritum Notes

Schultze MS 1851 (citation)- lists as Macrostomum auritum mihi, synonym, etc.  called this a new
	species in illustration- gives a description.  Says Planaria excavata = Macrostomum auritum.
	[Bush - therefore = this?]

Diesing KM 1862 (citation)- p 214 lists Macrostomum auritum as synonym of his Monotus excavatus.	
Graff L v 1882 (citation)- lists M. auritum Ed v Beneden 1870 - brief description and list of 

Hallez P 1894 (citation)- says lacks rhabdite and eyes.	
Westblad E 1946 (citation)- makes this species an Aphanostoma.  Originally described by Schultze as 
	Macrostomum auritum.  Graff in Das Tierreich - Graff L v 1905 (citation) p 460 thinks it is Acoel
	belonging to Aphanostomum.  Westblad says he thinks he has rediscovered species and it is an
	Aphanostomum.  Redescribes species- notes it occurs in sand on Fninish Coast.  Common- probably
	mentioned by Luther A 1912 (citation).  Describes three forms:
		auritum typica  
		auritum glandulosum 
		auritum flavescens 
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- notes it should be Mecynostomum; p 15 rhabdites lacking in; p 50 notes
	separate male and female pores.  p 14 on frontal gland- subspecies glandulosum- gives as
	author Schultze.
Marcus E 1948 (citation)- points out this was originally Macrostoumum auritum moved here and 
	described by Westblad E 1946 (citation).  In key p 113, also p 188 and as Macrostomum auritum p 112.
Ax P 1951 (citation)-  lists from brackish water.	
Marcus E 1953 (citation)- points out problem in Meixner and Westblad's redescription of this- he concludes
	to consider Westblads type as the type.

Marcus E 1954 (citation)- mentions variety flavescens p 426.
Luther A 1960 (citation)- good illustration and description- synonomy, etc.  Avagina aurita Meixner to here.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- defines Schultze's original speices as species without bursa- has found
	Westblad's species with a bursa and his 3 subspecies, so moves them as follows:
		M. auritum typica = Pseudomecynostumum westbladi Dorjes 1968
		M. auritum glandulosum = Pseudomecynostumum	glandulosum Dorjes 1968
		M. auritum flavescens = Pseudomecynostumum flavescens Dorjes 1968
		leaves Schultze's species as type of Mecynostomum and notes that Meixner, Ax and
		Luther's specis auritum are M. auritum.
	p 117- lists as type of genus
	p 386-390 gives complete synonomy, description and illustrations.	
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- on ecololgy of in Germany p 87, 98.
Apelt G 1969 (citation)- p 304 and 313 on eggs and early embryology of.
Fenchel T 1969 (citation)- notes this species feeds on diatoms.
Mack-Fira V 1970 (citation)- reports from Black Sea.
Straarup BJ 1970 (citation)- reports from Niva Bay- on ecology and food of.									
Den Hartog C 1974 (citation)- p 304 and 313 on eggs and early embryology of.
Mack-Fira V 1974 (citation)- on occurence in Black Sea and geographic distribution.  Illustration of
 	whole animal.
Karling TG 1974 (citation)- in list p 9, in key p 14, illustration p 13, ecology of p 28, 74, 63-70, 84.
 	Descripiton p 46.
Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation)- Swedish Museum of Natural History, discussion of problems in this
 	species and synonomy including Pseudmecynostumum westbladi, Pseudmecynostumum flavescens, 
 	and Pseudmecynostumum glandulosum.  P. glandulosum = Postmecynostomum.
Kenk R 1974 (citation)- p 47 Planaria excavata = Macrostomum [Bush = Macrostomum auritum].
Faubel A 1976 (citation)- comparisons p 50, 52, 54.
Hendelberg J 1977 (citation)- Electron microscopy on sperm- 9 + 1 axonemes.
Faubel A 1977 (citation)- in list p 61 in sand flat p 65; in sand mud p 66; in mud flat p 67; in
 	brackish water p 67; in Table 1; in beach slope p 66.
Watzin MC 1984 (citation)- p 324, lists number of eggs and development from Apelt 1969.	
Armonies W 1987 (citation)- lists p 96, in discussion p 101.
Hellwig-Armonies M, Armonies W, 1987 (citation)- ecology of.

Ratz H, Faubel A, Roeder T 1988 (citation)- p 173, "...Acoela were studies by electrophoresis and
histochemistry."  Species included in the study were:
     Aphanostoma album
     Convoluta convoluta
     Pseudaphanostoma psammophilum
     Atriofronta polyvacuola
     Haplogonaria syltensis
     Haplogonaria simplex
     Anaperus tvaerminnensis
     Postmecynostomum pictum
     Mecynostomum auritum
     Paedomecynostomum bruneum
     Philomecynostomum lapillum
     Pseudmecynostomum papillosum

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