Turbellarian taxonomic database

Promesostoma marmoratum

Reuter M, Lehtonen M, Wikgren M 1988 (citation)-"Immunocytochemical evidence of neuroactive substances in
flatworms of different taxa - a comparison".  Species included in the study:
     Archiloa unipunctata
     Gyratrix hermaphroditis
     Microdalyellia fusca
     Polycelis nigra
     Promesostoma marmoratum
     Typhloplana viridata 

Bruggemann J 1986 (citation)- "Ultrastructural investigations on the differentiation of genital hard structures
in free-living platyhelminths and their phylogenetic significance".  Specimens used from Acoela,
Macrostomida, Typhloplanoida, Kalyptorhynchia,  and Dalyellioida:
     Philocelis cellata
     Paromalostomum fusculum
     Paromalostomum proceracauda
     Adenorhynchus balticus
     Promesostoma marmoratum
     Promesostoma caligulatum
     Promesostoma rostratum
     Marirhynchus longasaeta
     Provortex psammophilus
     Provortex tubiferus

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