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Ptychopera plebeia Notes

'Hartog 1964 (citation)- p. 394, "It seems tha P. plebeia is an euryhaline brackish-water species. Beklemischev [1927] recorded it from the coast near Odessa in water with an average salinity of 8.5 o/oo CL' and where it is subjected to fluctuations from 1.8 to 11.3 o/oo Cl'. In the Sea of Marmara it lives at a salinity of ca. 13 o/oo Cl' (Ax 1959), while it has been found in the French 'étangs' of Salses and Canet at salinities between 6 and 10 o/oo Cl'. The various localities of P. plebia agree, however, in this respect, that they all may be regarded as 'still-water biotopes'."'
Ax 2008 (citation)- p. 355, "P. plebia ist ein Stillwasserbewohner. Mit einer Ausnahme bisher nur aus Brackwasserbiotopen bekannt.

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