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Ptychopera tuberculata Notes

Graff (1882) (citation) writes that he found the species in an aquarium and that it is probably from the North Sea. In 1913 (citation), he specifies the probable natural locality to be Helgoland. Hartog 1964 (citation)- p. 398, "My specimen from the Netherlands seems to be the first one that has been collected in a natural habitat."
Artois notes (on WoRMS): "Proxenetes tuberculatus Graff, 1882, was transferred to the genus Ptychopera by Den Hartog (1964: p. 395–398) (citation), who provided a redescription and gave new localities. However, Ax (1971) (citation) convincingly argues against the identification of Den Hartog's specimens as Proxenetes tuberculatus. As he (implicitly) seems to consider the transfer of Proxenetes tuberculatus to Ptychopera justified, the name is conserved as Ptychopera tuberculata (Graff, 1882) Den Hartog, 1964. The specimen (erronously) redescribed by Den Hartog (1964) as Ptychopera tuberculata , Ax describes as a new species Ptychopera hartogi. "

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