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Proxenetes flabellifer Notes

Hartog 1965 (citation)- p. 103, "According to Ax (1951) Proxenetes flabillifer is a representative of the still-water association and occurs by preference in detritus-rich fine sand. Bilio (1962, 1965) recorded the species as on of the most numerous Turbellarians of the salt-marshes (see also under P. deltoides). In the Deltaic area in the south-western part of the Netherlands I have found the species in the muddy sand bottoms of the larger salt-marsh creeks but never amongst the salt-marsh vegetation. In the latter habitat it is replaced by P. deltoides. In the estuarine waters in the Deltaic area it inhabits the euhaline as well as the polyhaline section and penetrates at least to the 12 o/oo Cl' isohaline at high tide. In the Baltic Sea it occurs also in waters with considerably lower average salinities, e.g. in the Gulf of Finland. In the intestines of P. flabellifer I have seen some half-digested nematodes, I found the species only in April and May; however, it probably occurs also in other seasons."

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