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Eumecynostomum evelinae Notes

Marcus E 1948 (citation)- describes this species in detail p 113-114, 187-8. 
Marcus E 1949 (citation)- mentions lacunae in this p 13.
Marcus EDB-R 1957 (citation)- mentions p 173 on brain outside ecto.
Ax P 1961 (citation)- notes epithelial nervous system in.
Ax P 1963 (citation)- notes epithelial nervous system in.
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- moves here.
Ehlers U, Doerjes J 1979 (citation)- in comparison p 67. 
Faubel A, Regier S 1983 (citation)- move this species to their new genus Eumecynostomum.

Marcus E 1948 (citation) pg. 187-188: 'Mecynostomum evelinae, n. sp. (Fig. 1-3), from Santos, has separate male
and female openings, a vesicular bursa and a male copulatory organ that is glandular, without a muscular wall.
 Some fibers of parenchymatic muscles suspend the male organ.  In the ental part of the bursa that is directed
ventrally the sperm-tails (Fig. 3, j) are parallel, and their position in the male organ shows that the sperms
are indeed ejaculated with the tails forward.  The endocytium ends in the region of the male organ.  The brain
is developed as an inconspicuous thickening below the epicytium of the anterior region, partly surrounding the
cutaneous muscles; it does not enclose the statocyst.  The mouth is provided with a thick sphincter.  The
nearest related species is M. auritum (M. Sch.), but there the male organ and the vagina are frther distant
from one another.'

Hooge M.D. & Rocha C.E.F. 2006 (citation) p. 35 - report this species from the coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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