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Eumecynostomum papillosum Notes

Faubel A 1974 (citation)- describes from Sylt, illustration in detail.
Faubel A 1976 (citation)- on ecology p 257, in beach 276, 277, 307, 308, 319 and life cycle 353.
Faubel A 1977 (citation)- in list p 62, in sand flats p 65, in sand-mud flats p 67, in table 1.
Ax P 1977 (citation)- life cycle in table p 14.
Ehlers U, Doerjes J 1979 (citation)- in comparison p 67.
Faubel A, Regier S 1983 (citation)- move this species to their new genus Eumecynostomum.  Also in discussion
	p 15.

Ratz H, Faubel A, Roeder T 1988 (citation)- p 173, "...Acoela were studies by electrophoresis and
histochemistry."  Species included in the study were:
     Aphanostoma album
     Convoluta convoluta
     Pseudaphanostoma psammophilum
     Atriofronta polyvacuola
     Haplogonaria syltensis
     Haplogonaria simplex
     Anaperus tvaerminnensis
     Postmecynostomum pictum
     Mecynostomum auritum
     Paedomecynostomum bruneum
     Philomecynostomum lapillum
     Pseudmecynostomum papillosum

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