Turbellarian taxonomic database

Prosopharyngida Solenofilomorphidae Notes

Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- p 119, definition, 1 genus and only 1 species.  "Acoels with unpaired, dorsally
	lying ovaries and testes.  Germ cell layer is hermaphroditic.  Copulatory organ in middle of body.
	Ovary reaching to far behind the male complex.  the mouth opening lying subterminally at anterior
	end and its proximal juncture is with a ciliated, tube shaped pharynx simplex."
		"The family is differentiated from the other families by its pharynx simplex, the ovary
	extending far over the copulatory organ, the thread like shape and the far posteriorly lying glands.	

Dorjes J 1971 (citation)- review of family- comparison and 2 genera:
		Solenofilomorpha Dorjes 1968
		Oligofilomorpha Dorjes 1971

Crezee M 1975 (citation)- monograph of family.  definition p 837- "Acoela with non-glandular insunk epidermis
	and outer circular and inner longitudinal body muscles.  Frontal gland poorly developed or absent.
	Nerve ring at level of statocyst.  Statocyst innervation from dorsolateral nerves and statocyst with
	dorsolateral and ventrolateral pairs of fibrous supports.  Pharynx simplex opens midventrally in
	anterior half of body.  Pharynx cilia more closely set than epidermal cilia, epithelium insunk and
	generally glandular.  Single dorsal testes and more posterior single ovary.  Sperm with two 
	prominent undulating membranes.  Antrum longitudinal muscles continuous with circular muscles of
	body wall.  With aid of accessory cells, oocytes complete development posterior to copulatory organs.
	Bursa, when present, posterior to male accessory organs."  
	on epithelial pharynx in p 840.
Crezee M 1976 (citation)- long discussion of this group as major component of the sulfide system.
Doe DA 1981 (citation)- lists as having pharynx simplex (not coronatus).	

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