Turbellarian taxonomic database

Convolutidae Pseudoconvoluta Notes

Beklemischev VN 1929 (citation)- from Neave.  In discussion of glandular spines in Anaperidae.  p 234,
	figure 3- illustration of glandular spine.  p 235- in species from Caspian Sea.  New genus,
	new species.  1 or 2 of these glandular spines- arrayed like gi?? organ of Convoluta will be
	described.  p 235- footnote a "bursa- with a Prostomis catenosa and 1 or 2 pair of glandular
	spines, sp aurantiaca- 1 pair of glandular spines, body with pigment ?statchen grell? orange.
	In littoral of Caspian Sea.   

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