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Nemertoderma bathycola Notes

Nemertoderma bathycola Steinbock O 1930 (citation)- Type

	Definition:  Steinbock O 1930 (citation) p 80.
	History and synonyms: 
		Steinbock O 1930 (citation) p 47-80.  Details confusion with Rhnchocoels.
		Westblad E 1937 (citation)- More specimens- long description of histology, etc.- also 
			whether it is primitive or not- concludes it is not an acoel though many
			characters are primitive.
	Geographic distribution:  Greenland, Diskobay, North Sea, Skagerrak, Mediterranean, Adriatic.
	Specimens:  Swedish Museum of Natural History, Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation) 

Steinbock O 1932 (citation)- in check list p 297 and table p 335- only in Arctic he reports.
Bresslau E 1933 (citation)- p 263 fig 257- brain lies next to epithelium outside the outer layer of muscle
  		- length at least 0.26 mm x 0.1 mm.  Colorless, from Diskobay, Greenland- dredged 
  		at 250(-300) meters.

An der Lan H 1936 (citation)- mentions nervous system.
Meixner J 1938 (citation)- p 100, fig 87. "Nemertoderma sp = ?bathycola Steinbock (Nemertodermatidae)-
  	Long section reconstruction.  A-(young) animal in female reproductive phase,
  	B-(old) animal in completely developed male organs.  Body plan Acoela-like, but with a 
  	gut system definitely marked off from parenchyma and with a lumen.  Granular glands only
  	in ventral gut epithelium while the very thick dorsal epithelium takes care of digestion 
  	and absorption [and surrounds] some reproductive products especially the egg cells.  This
  	epithelium can be [?] out through the mouth by contraction of outer body muscles so as to
  	pick up small bits of nourishment.  Outside epithelium very thick, syncytical, with
  	many often multicellular muscous glands and single celled serous glands, a frontal
  	organ with glands of a similar [?], nervous system at base of the epithelium.
  	"Orthogonal" net like with one pair of ganglia behind the statocyst which is suspended
  	by 5(6) pairs of dorsal, ventral, and lateral muscles surrounded by a thin web of
  	nerves and [?] joined to the ganglia by a pair of lateral nerves; gonads (with thin
  	parenchymal tunic) embeded in the dorsal gut epithelium (nutritive!), testes paired, 
  	their large tubes opening out the [?]- ovary unpaired (?)(earlier paired?) egg zone in 
  	B well developed.  Sperm go out from the testes through many openings through the 
  	parenchyma into the seminal vesicle lying here and [?] themselves with the [?] of 
  	the granular gland, a ductus ejaculat  - a ciliated tube to the outside with mucous glands
  	at the base - without a vagina and without bursa.  Milky white A to 0.75 mm and 
  	B to 0.52mm long, on loam or mud buttoms to 30 m (Scandinavia) or to 25 m deep (Greenland)."   		 

Westblad E 1942 (citation)- Statocyst muscles in.
 Westblad E 1948 (citation)- statocyst muscles in.
Hyman LH 1951 (citation) -vol 2, p 83 and illustration p 86- illustration of entire animal- long section to
 		show portion of nervous system next to epidermis and other organs.  p 132 notes at 1st
 		dredged off Greenland - later found in numbers off Scandinavian coast.
Riedl RJ 1960 (citation)-
Ax 1961 (citation)- diagram of nervous system in.  sagital section of.
Ax P 1963 (citation)- says has epithelial nervous system- also more than 1 statolith & other structures.
Hadzi J 1963 (citation)-p 197.
[Bush L- notes that her slides show this species collected in Buzzards Bay at Howie Sanders Station G,
  		Jan 6, 1966 (also once by dredging in Vinyard Sound).]

Sterrer W 1966 (citation)- notes description of this species by Steinbock.  		
Steinbock O 1966 (citation)- p 106, 154, on form westbladi p 154.  		
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- p 92 notes this is type.  Lists four forms of this species:
  		Groenlandform Steinbock 1930 (N. bathycola Steinbock 1930)
  		Nordseeform Westblad 1937, Riedl 1959 (N. wesbladi Steinbock 1938)
  		Skagerrakform Riedl 1959
  		Adriaform Riedl 1959
  		One forma has 3 statoliths.  p 217-218 short discussion.
Beklemischev VN 1969 (citation)- vol II, p 35- illustration of epithelium.  p 190 illustration of
  pharynx and other systems.  p 395 notes copulatory cirrus is simple inpocketing of
  skin.  p 398 illustration.
Apelt G 1969 (citation)- p 268 notes Westblad (1937) says protogyny here.
Dorjes J, Karling TG 1975 (citation)- North Atlantic.  Swedish Museum of Natural History.
Hendelberg J 1977 (citation)-  electron microscopy and light microscopy.	

Lundin K 1997 (citation)-  "ultrastructure of the epidermal ciliary rootlets and associated structures in
species of the Nemertodermatida and Acoela".  Species used: Meara stichopi, Nemertoderma westbladi,
Nemertoderma cf. bathycola, Convolutriloba retrogemma, Childia groenlandica, Paraphanostoma submaculatum,
Haploposthia virdis.

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