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Actinoposthiidae Tetraposthia Notes

Definition: Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- p 112.
Geographic distribution: Greenland.

Steinbock O 1931 (citation)- p 65 mentions Teraposthia colymbetes as species to be described.
Steinbock O 1932 (citation)- p 300 lists from West Groenland but no description- refers to 
	Steinbock O 1931 (citation)- p 65.
An der Lan H (1936) (citation)- p 325-6 figure 22,23 description of species mentioned by Steinbock.
Westblad E 1948 (citation)- in description p 19, 37, 58.  p 19 notes long muscles to outside of 
	circular layer; p 37 says there are not 4 penes- thinks An der Lan H (1936) (citation) has
	mistaken closely packed sperm for penes; p 58 says so poorly known he can't include in key.
Hyman LH 1951 (citation)- vol 2, p 132, places this genus in Family Convolutidae.
Ax P 1963 (citation)- says this genus has epithelial nervous system.
Steinbock O 1966 (citation)- on brain in p 119. 
Dorjes J 1968 (citation)- lists, definition of type T. colymbetes.  Gives name Tetraposthia An der Lan 1936
	(Steinbock 1931 as nomina nuda).  definition of genus p 112.

Hooge MD 2001 (citation)- moves to family Actinoposthiidae.

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