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Fonticola velata Notes

Castle WA, Hyman LH 1934 (citation)- p 156-157, 'From all these records it appears that F. velata has a wide
range, centering in the middle west throughout the upper basin of the Mississippi River and its tributaries
and extending southeastward into Carolina, southward into Missouri, and westward through Nebraska and
Colorado.  The species has never been taken to our knowledge in New England or the Gulf of Mexico states or
west of the Rocky Mountains.'

Notes for the valid (accepted) taxonomic name

Notes for Phagocata velata

(citation)- p 11, "Kenk (1972) records P. velata as occuring in springs, streams, and spring-fed ponds, apparently
all across the continent, but the study of sexual material has occurred only in eastern North America.  The
recognition that P. vernalis is not a valid species means that Kenk's (1972) distributional data referring to
temporary ponds can also be applied to P. velata.  The exact range of P. velata is not known, and in western
North America there are superficially very similar species, which show fragmentation, and which nevertheless
are morphologically and karyologically distinct (Ball and Gourbault, 1975)."

Notes for Phagocata velata

Kenk R 1972 (citation)- p 35, "In springs, streams, and spring-fed ponds, apparently all across the continent."

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