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Crenobia alpina Notes

Carranza S, Baguna J, Riutort M 1997 (citation)- Using 18S rDNA sequences to look at the phylogeny of
Platyhelminthes.  Species of Turbellaria used include the following:  Crenobia alpina, Dendrocoelum lacteum,
Monocelis lineata, Archiloa rivularis, Geocentrophora sp., Mesocastrada sp., Nemertinoides elongatus,
Urastoma sp., Macrostomum tuba, Microstomum lineare, Discocelis tigrina, Planocera multitentaculata,
Stenostomum leucops, Convoluta pulchra, Convoluta naikaiensis.  New sequences reported for many of these

Kawakatsu & Liu 1987 (citation)- p. 43 "Crenobia alpina is a species distributed in Europe and Asia Minor; it has several subspecies in Europe. It can hardly be doubted the Arndt's (1918, 1921) (19044) (citation) records of this species in the northeastern area of the Far East are due to his misidentification of the other triclad species (probably a Phagocata species) Therefore, Crenobia alpine should be removed from the Chinese freshwater planarian fauna (see also Lue & Kawakatsu, 1986, p. 321) (citation)"

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