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Dendrocoelum adenodactylosum Notes

Kenk R 1978 (citation)- p 11, 'is the most common triclad of the Ohrid region, occurring both in Lake Ohrid and
in its tributary streams and sources.'  p 13, 'I collected in the springs of Studenciste, Bej-Bunar, Sveti
Naum and Sum in Kulincivljik na Sinoru, a small stream near the western border of the town of Ohrid.
Stankovic and de Beauchamp likewise obtained most of their animals from spings, and expressly mention
Studenciste, Sveti Name, Sum, and Gradiste, the latter being a small tributary of Drim River (which is the
outlet of Lake Ohrid). Stankovic and Komarek reported that the species is common also in the littoral zone
of the lake. In a later paper, Stankovic (1934: 176) stated that littoral animals are usually asexual during
the summer. I found, however, both mature and immature specimens in the littoral zone, particularly among
the dense vegetation of reeds near the Hydrobiological Station. Stankovic and Komarek also reported the
species from the profundal zone at a depth of 108 m. It is highly probable that this record concerns D.
sinisai rather than D. adenodactylosum. The latter species occurs also in Lake Prespa, a nearby lake
southeast of Lake Ohrid (Stankovic 1969: 428).'

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