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Nemertodermatidae Meara Notes

Definition: Westblad E 1949 (citation)- p 55. says rewrite of old paper of Bock.
Type: Meara stichopi Westblad 1949
History and synonyms:  
	Bock manuscript rewritten by Westblad E 1940 (citation)	
	Westblad E 1940 (citation)- p55-56 systematic position of
	Westblad E 1949 (citation)- complete discription of M. stichopi (Bock) Westblad. 
	Hyman LH 1959 (citation)- p. 735 notes Westblad placed in Family Nemertodermatidae.
	Ax P 1963 (citation)- on relationships.
	Sterrer W 1966 (citation)- reports.
	Karling TG 1967 (citation)- on gut in M. stichopi- cellular but no cilia p 8.
	Faubel A, Dorjes J 1978 (citation)- comparison with new Genus Flagellophora p 9.
Geographic distribution: Norway

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