Turbellarian taxonomic database

Hydrolimax grisea

Hyman LH 1938 (citation)- p 1, 17, 18.  'While looking through some old papers on American Turbellaria, I
accidently discovered that this plagiostomid had been seen before and that in fact it was at one time very
abundant in old streams in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The species discovered by Haldeman in 1842
and named by him Hydrolimax grisea.  Haldeman apparently thought the animal was some sort of slug.' 
......'Later and independently, Leidy (1851), from whose sharp eyes no fresh-water invertebrate seems to have
escaped, found the animal in abundance in Delaware and Schuylkill rivers and being unaware of Haldeman's
description, renamed it Cathesia stellato-maculata.'