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"The genus Dalyellia is one of the oldest of turbellarian genera, having been named by J. Fleming (1822 p. 605). However, except for one British worker, G. Johnston (1865 p. 13); the name was not again used until it was recognized by Hofsten in 1907. Because of this late recognition of the priority of the name Dalyellia, only animals conforming rather closely to a type have been placed in the genus. [...] [Microdalyellia] was split off by Gieysztor (1938) on the basis of differences long recognized in the literature. In the original genus are left only seven species [...] In order to avoid further confusion of the literature and because a real difference does seem to exist, Ruebush and Hayes (citation) accepted Gieysztor's new genus." (Hayes, 1943; p. 65-66)

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