Turbellarian taxonomic database

Geoplanini Pasipha Diagnosis

Geoplaninae with variously sized
bodies; body slender, flattened, with parallel margins; eyes monolobulated; prostatic vesicle extrabulbar, differentiated, by means of the secretions it receives and, frequently also by means of its shape, into an anterior, dilated portion and a narrow, posterior portion; penis papilla eversible; ejaculatory duct opens directly into a richly folded, long male atrium, usually separated from the female one by a dorsal fold; ovovitelline ducts with ascending portion, if any, posterior to the female atrium, joining each other behind it; genital canal ventrally flexed, arising from the posterior region of the female atrium.

[From Carbayo F, Alvarez-Presas M, Olivares CT, Marques FPL, Froehlich EM, Riutort M (2013): 17]

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